Marihuana works with Cannabinoids

Nowadays many people do not recognize the difference between the psychoactive ingredients in Cannabis and the contribution of the so-called ordinary Medical Marihuana?

In your brain there are natural cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. These cannabinoids have the responsibility to regulate communication between your neurons.

But what happens when the receptors are connected with other—externally ingested—cannabinoids? Well, this is what happens when cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant enters your body system.

Your endocannabinoid-system gets activated, which can result in hundreds, probably even thousands of different effects (many positive, some negative).

CBD oil is produced from the Cannabis Sativa plant (this can be Hemp or Marijuana). All parts of the plant—stalks, flowers and leaves—can be used to produce CBD oil. Solvents or high-tech extraction methods are used to draw CBD from the plant.

If you you’ve ever smoked or vaped weed, you’ve probably heard about a compound named ‘THC’. Well, THC is a cannabinoid that gets you ‘high’ and is found in Cannabis Sativa (more so in Marijuana than Hemp).

But what most people don’t know is that there are many different cannabinoids aside from THC…and CBD is the second well-known cannabinoid, which isn’t psychoactive.

Over the years, research has shown that CBD has tremendous potential as an agent to prevent and potentially cure a variety of conditions and their symptoms, like cancer, inflammation, depression and insomnia.

While some effects—if you ingest too much THC for example—can cause highs and hallucinations, many other positive effects also exist. CBD for example can make you experience less pain because it ‘numbs’ your pain receptors.

Are you starting to see how CBD oil is a unique oil, with very unique effects?

The endocannabinoid-system only gets activated by cannabinoids (most benefits associated with CBD are related to the activation of the endocannabinoid-system), and these can only be found in Cannabis Sativa plant-based products like CBD oil.

So, next time the media tells you Marihuana is bad, ignore this useless propaganda and enjoy the positive effects it presents as a gift from nature.

Before the 1900’s, Cannabis was used to threat many medical conditions, but wasn’t supporting the exorbitant profits that could be made by the pharmaceutical industry.

So the product (plant) was banned and categorized as a class A hard drug, together with Cocaine, LSD and Heroine. For many (assassinated) scientists coffee (caffeine) and sugar are far more addictive than alcohol, which is classified as a class B drug?

Cocaine sparks certain parts of the brain in such a way that it gives people euphoria, which could help them to cover up negativity in life. Now taking sugar fires up the brain like a pinball machine, and therefore is the most addictive product served in our daily foods.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.


Climate Change is Turning Antarctica Green

Scientists say climate change is prompting “unprecedented” ecological change across the Antarctic Peninsula, which is home to the Gentoo and chinstrap penguins.

Antarctica, the desolate southernmost continent boasting the coldest climate on Earth, usually brings to mind visions of ice, snow and penguins.

But global warming is transforming Antarctica’s icy expanses, new research from the University of Exeter in the UK shows. Parts of the continent are “greening,” researchers say — and exponentially fast.

Moss, as seen on this&nbsp;bank on Green Island in the Antarctic Peninsula,&nbsp;has been growing in the region at a dramatically faster rate in the past 50 years, according to a study&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">published</a> last week.

Moss has been growing on the Antarctic Peninsula at a dramatically faster rate in the past 50 years, and warming temperatures are the culprit. If you’d taken a photograph of these parts of the peninsula 50 years ago it would have been a monochrome shot of ice. Nothing but glaciers.

The Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost part of the continent, is known to be one of most rapidly warming region on Earth. Average temperatures there have jumped about 1 degree Fahrenheit each decade since the 1950s.

Previously, scientists only identified such a response in a single location at the far south of the Antarctic Peninsula, but now we know that moss banks are responding to recent climate change across the whole of the peninsula.”

Antarctica is following in the footsteps of the planet’s other polar region, the Arctic, which has been experiencing a similar greening because of climate change.

The changes aren’t just ecological; melting Arctic and Antarctic ice has the potential to significantly contribute to sea level rise in the coming decades, which poses a threat to millions of coastal dwellers around the globe.

Huffington Post / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

Elite Russian Su-30 Fighter Jets for Iran game changer in Middle East

Iran’s entry in the JCPOA nuclear agreement with the Western powers, Russia and China,  resulted in the withdrawal of United Nations economic sanctions against the country in 2015.

While the JCPOA deal, which still stands despite the withdrawal of the USA, bans countries from exporting offensive weapons to Iran without the express permission of the United Nations, is set to expire in 2020.

A number of sources have reported that Tehran has shown interest in acquiring advanced Russian made Su-30K air superiority fighters to modernize its aerial warfare capabilities.

Allowing Iran to freely acquire weapons from abroad has been strongly criticized by the Israeli special war crimes regime and a number of corrupted figures in the Western bloc, and could well have significant implications for the balance of power in the Middle East.

The Iranian Air Force today has the formidable American made F-14 Tomcat air superiority fighters of which approximately 30 are combat ready.

These American build Iranian fighter jets were relied on heavily to wage a “Zionist proxy war” against Iraq (1980-1988), after which Iran was able to acquire a sizeable contingent of early variants of the Soviet MiG-29 and two dozen Chinese J-7 light fighters.

With the exception of the F-14 and the aging Su-22 and Su-24 strike fighters, none of Iran’s aircraft were designed for power projection and all are relatively short range defensive multi-role platforms.

While Iran has vastly expanded its influence across the Middle East, most recently sending military advisors to Syria to fight Western fabricated terrorism, the country lacks power projection assets from which to assert force directly from Iranian territory itself.

While the Iran’s regional rivals Israel and Saudi Arabia, the Western bloc’s primarily partners in the region, both field vast fleets of F-15 air superiority fighters for projecting power far from their own borders, Iran lacks such assets of its own and its Air Force relegated to an almost exclusively defensive role.

Israeli Air Force Brigadier General Israel Baharav stated, that for now, the Iranian missiles pose a greater threat to the Zionist regime than their aviation does.

Despite its lack of air superiority capabilities, Iran has continued to establish itself as a major regional power, and the air forces of Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Western partners have been key assets to hold the expansion of Iranian influence in check.

However, should Iran induct an air superiority fleet of its own, acquiring high performance heavy fighters from Russia or China, it could well be key to shifting the balance of power in the Middle East firmly in Tehran’s favor.

In order to provide its air fleet with much needed modernizations, some sources have indicated that Iranian pilots, have already begun training in Russia to operate such advanced combat aircraft.

The fighter platform which Iran has reportedly shown particular interest in is the Su-30 air superiority fighter, an advanced Flanker with air to air combat capabilities far surpassing those of the older Israeli and Saudi F-15C fighters.

The Iranian military is allocated one of the lowest budgets relative to national GDP of any country in the Middle East, and Iranian defense expenditure is dwarfed by those of Israel, Saudi Arabia and even the United Arab Emirates.

However, the variant of the Su-30 Iran is set to acquire remains in question. High end variants of the Su-30 such as the MKII fielded by Venezuela, China and Vietnam or the  MKK fielded by India and China respectively are significantly more costly than cheaper and more basic designs such as the Su-30K.

With these fighters able to fly long range air support missions across the Middle East, from Syria, Lebanon and the Golan Heights to Saudi Arabia and much of the Persian Gulf, means that whatever Iran decides regarding its future acquisitions, it is set to have very significant implications for the Middle Eastern balance of power.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Persian Gulf News 2018.

Israel provokes Hamas when Gaza seeks Peace

After numerous attacks by Israel on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, but also Hamas, the response on the Palestinian side has been both rational and peaceful.

Since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’, a non-violent demonstration calling for the Palestinian right of return, under UN resolution 194, a total of 49 peaceful demonstrators have been killed and over 8,000 injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry Of Health.

Not only have non-violent demonstrators been targeted, but also Hamas itself. Israel have launched air strikes day in and day out, against what it calls “Hamas positions”, to which Hamas have not actually responded to.

Despite the fact that Israel killed 6 Hamas Qassam fighters and also launched air strikes that same day against positions in Northern Gaza, Hamas did not respond. The week prior to this Israel also conducted strikes against six different locations within the Gaza Strip, after launching air strikes into boats in Gaza’s port (Gaza City).

In the event that Israel initiates a large scale bombardment and confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, perhaps using Iran as a smokescreen, it is important to understand the actions that have been carried out by the Israeli Regime.

Hamas have even been attempting to push for a truce with Israel, as was reported by Haaretz News as they picked up on the Hamas press releases that seemed to allude to the truce.

Instead of engaging, in a peaceful way, Hamas, they have continued to pursue a racist policy which suggests the only language that they can speak to Palestinians is violence.

Whilst the world was distracted on the 30th of April with Netanyahu’s Iran spat, the Israeli Knesset was busy passing a bill that has now given the power to the Satan leader to launch a war without Knesset approval.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Apartheid News 2018.

Nestle makes Billions Bottling Water in 100 Factories all over the World

Nestle SA started bottling in 1843 when company founder Henri Nestlé purchased a business on Switzerland’s Monneresse Canal to provide healthy, accessible, and delicious refreshment to the consumer.

According to Euromonitor International, there are thousands of bottled water companies worldwide—there’s even Trump Ice—but Nestlé is the biggest globally in terms of sales, followed by Coca-Cola, Danone and PepsiCo.

Nestle Waters, the Paris-based subsidiary, owns almost 50 brands, including Perrier, S.Pellegrino, and Poland Spring.

The Romans were among the first to see water as more than a basic need. They ranked theirs by taste; Aqua Marcia, from a spring about 60 miles outside of Rome, was among the best. In the 19th century, some of the first mass-market brands were S.Pellegrino and Vittel, now owned by Nestlé, and Evian, a Danone label.

Last year, U.S. bottled water sales reached $16 billion, up nearly 10% from 2015, according to Beverage Marketing Corp. They outpaced soda sales for the first time as drinkers continue to seek convenience and healthier options and worry about the safety of tap water.

Nestlé alone sold $7.7 billion worth worldwide, with more than $343 million of it coming from Michigan, where the company bottles Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water and Pure Life, its purified water line.

The Michigan operation is only one small part of Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company. But it illuminates how Nestlé has come to dominate a controversial industry, spring by spring, often going into economically depressed municipalities with the promise of jobs and new infrastructure in exchange for tax breaks and access to a resource that’s scarce for millions.

Where Nestlé encounters grass-roots resistance against its industrial-strength guzzling, it deploys lawyers; where it’s welcome, it can push the limits of that hospitality, sometimes with the acquiescence of state and local governments that are too cash-strapped or inept to say no.

There are the usual costs of doing business, including transportation, infrastructure, and salaries. But Nestlé pays little for the product it bottles—sometimes a municipal rate and other times just a nominal extraction fee. In Michigan, it’s $200.

Compared with the water needs of agriculture and energy production, the bottled water business is barely responsible for a trickle; in Michigan, it accounts for less than 1% of total water usage, according to Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

The United Nations expects that 1.8 billion people will live in places with dire water shortages by 2025, and two-thirds of the world’s population could be living under stressed water conditions.

Supply may be compromised in the USA, too. A recent Michigan State University study predicts that more than a third of Americans might not be able to afford their water bills in five years, with costs expected to triple as World War II-era construction breaks down.

Nestlé isn’t the only bottled water company operating in Michigan, but it’s the most controversial. Pepsi and Coca-Cola bottle municipal water from Detroit for their Aquafina and Dasani brands, respectively; they pay city rates, then sell the product back for profit.

Nestlé has been preparing for shortages for decades. The company’s former chief executive officer, Helmut Maucher, said in a 1994 interview with the New York Times: “Springs are like petroleum”. You can always build a chocolate factory. But springs you have or you don’t have. / ABC Flash Point Water News 2018.

Russia & Syria combating Terrorists in Daraa near Golan Heights

The grim message from Washington to the anti-Assad fighters of southern Syria – that they could expect no help from the West in their further struggle against Assad’s government forces or the Russians, which one day will figure in the history books.

It’s a turning point in the Syria war and a further victory for the Assad’s troops in its ambition to retake all of rebel Syria.

Already Russian missiles and Syrian bombs are embracing the countryside south and east of Daraa and outside Quneitra and Sweida after the opposition fighters refused a negotiated peace last week. Families of the opposition are again fleeing the towns.

Neither the Hezbollah nor the comparatively fewer Iranian Revolutionary Guards appear to be involved in the battle for southern Syria. The Americans and the Russians – and thus the Syrian government – have agreed that this should be a Russo-Syrian offensive to clean up the mess created by the Western politicians and its military.

The Israelis have attacked Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria – but never the cult-Islamist ISIS executioners nor Nusra/al-Qaeda. US policy, despairing of ever “collapsing” Assad, now appears to have given up on the armed opposition to the Damascus.

Advising Israel that a return to the status quo on Golan which existed before the Syrian war – where Israeli and Syrian forces were separated by a UN buffer zone – is preferable to risking a shootout with Iran or, indeed, with the Syrian army.

Syria fears that the Israeli regime will now create their own “buffer zone” below Golan, similar in style, weaponry and ruthlessness to Israel’s former occupation zone in southern Lebanon.

Across the map of Syria, however, it is the West’s power which now appears to be in retreat. If the USA is prepared to turn its back on its hostile allies in southern- and northern Syria, then Russia and Damascus seems to be the winners.

But for now the US military and its mercenary allies occupy 25% of Syria, along with 80% of their oil fields, formerly invaded and annexed by ISIS. 

The instruction from the USA to its allies outside Daraa – “surrender” might sum it up best – may be presented as a small victory:

Washington can claim to have kept Iran away from Israel. But it will also mean that USA and NATO have given up on the overthrow of the Assad family.

Independent / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Houthi Liberation Forces Seize Saudi-backed Base @ Northern Yemen Border

The Houthi liberation forces continued their military campaign along the Saudi-Yemeni border, today, seizing an important base in the Ulab region.

The liberation forces overran the Saudi-backed terrorists deployed at a military base located near the Ulab Crossing into northern Yemen.

The Houthi forces reported that they captured the military garrison and killed several Saudi-backed troops, including many Sudanese fighters at this installation.

The Saudi-backed coalition receive their weapons, satellite intelligence and ammunition from the F-UK-US coalition. Over 10 million people are in dire need of medical aid, after thousands of citizens died from a released Cholera epidemic.

The UN is aware of the hostile circumstances but the three permanent members France, United Kingdom and USA block most resolutions to stop the genocide.

Yemen is the poorest of the 22 Arab countries and was always controlled by Saudi Arabia, until elections changed the course of faith. Now the Saudi’s are using bloody force to re-establish political control, but failed to do so.

Yemen is one of the most important strategic countries along the lucrative Red Sea oil supply lines towards Europe and China.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Arab News 2018.

Chinese Fleet of Warships patrolling Taiwan Strait

A fleet of Chinese warships have been carrying out combat exercises in waters near the Taiwan Strait on a daily basis for more than a week, which is claimed by China as part of its territory.

Since June 17, a formation of navy ships, including a Type 054A frigate and a Type 052C destroyer, have been holding military drills in the vicinity of Taiwan, including in the Bashi Channel and the Taiwan Strait.

The drills tested the military and training abilities of warship, aviation and coastal defense troops, via organizing real combat training in multiple areas of the ocean.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement the Chinese military vessels were monitored continuously and there was no cause for alarm.

Earlier this month, Taiwan’s military also conducted a series of military exercises on the island. The drills, held annually under the name of Han Kuang, were carried out in the central city of Taichung.

China and Taiwan separated during a civil war in 1949, and Beijing pursues reunification ever since. Chinese officials have never renounced the use of force to bring under China’s control what it sees as a wayward province.

Beijing-Taipei ties have particularly been strained since Tsai took office in 2016, as she declines to acknowledge that both sides are part of “One China. Washington, too, follows the “One China” policy, but it has flirted with the idea of recognizing Taiwan as independent.

The USA has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but maintains military ties with it, forwarding advanced military hardware to the vassal island state.

China is particularly suspicious of the USA’ intentions toward Taiwan, which is a core concern of Beijing when it comes to relations with Washington. / ABC Flash Point Pacific News 2018.

UK involved in Kidnapping and Torturing Terrorist Suspects

Two British parliamentary reports have found that UK intelligence agencies were more involved in the kidnap and torture of terrorist suspects in the years after the 9/11 attacks than previously thought.

The conclusions from the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) reports found that the UK was responsible for some “inexcusable” actions, and tolerated others to commit structural war crimes.

It revealed that the domestic security agency MI5 and the overseas agency MI6 were far more involved in the torture and rendition of suspects than previously believed.

Tortured = radicalized and trained to obey orders of the great rabbi and sent to defend the homeland of Idlib.

MPs identified another 13 incidents “where UK personnel witnessed at first hand a detainee being mistreated by others, 25 where UK personnel were told by detainees that they had been mistreated by others, and 128 incidents recorded where agency officers were told by foreign liaison services about instances of mistreatment. 

In three individual cases, the agencies offered financial backing to others in order to carry out a rendition operation on their behalf; and in a further 28 cases, they either suggested targets, helped to plan, or agreed to rendition operations suggested by other parties.

ABC Flash Point News 2018.

Saudi coalition extends attacks on civilians in Yemen

The increased hike in Saudi Arabia’s bombardment of residential areas such as Sa’ada and a refugee bus in Hodeidah shows their clear frustration in not being able to annex  Yemen.

Credible reports are that the UAE (Colombian) mercenaries loaded that bus with civilians and kept them locked in there until the U.S. backed fighter-jets came for the kill.

Iran says the hike Saudi Arabia’s bombardment of civilian targets in Yemen shows the coalition’s frustration in falling short of the goals. The UN declared Saudi Arabia responsible for child deaths in Yemen.

A UN’s annual “Children and Armed Conflict” report has shown that a total 1,316 children killed and maimed in the Yemen in 2017.

Saudi Arabia and its F-UK-US allies launched a brutal war on Yemen in March 2015 to reinstall the Hadi regime and crush the popular Houthi Ansarullah liberation movement. 


The Saudi aggression has also taken a heavy toll on the country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.  

Since 2016, the impoverished nation has also been grappling with a bio-warfare, leading to a deadly cholera outbreak that already killed thousands of innocent people.

Several Western countries, especially the USA and Britain in particular, are accused of being complicit in the aggression as they supply the Riyadh regime with advanced weapons and military equipment as well as logistical and intelligence assistance.

Amnesty International said it has documented at least 36 coalition air strikes that appeared to be carried out in violation of international humanitarian law, many of which may constitute a war crime. At least 513 civilians perished in their raids, including 157 children.

Yemen is the poorest Arab nation in the Middle East, but yet has the most important strategic position, situated @ the lucrative Saudi Red Sea oil shipping lanes. / ABC Flash Point Oil News 2018.

China can replace US oil imports with Iranian Crude deliveries

China isn’t intimidated by the threat of US sanctions. They haven’t been in the past. So in this diplomatic spat they might just replace US crude with Iranian oil.

China buys about $1 billion of oil a month from the United States. Chinese oil imports from the USA have been growing recently thanks to a record production surge in America.

Beijing’s retaliatory measures against US tariffs can include penalties on oil coming to China from America. A cut in Chinese purchases of US oil may benefit Iran’s salesThe Chinese may just replace some of the American oil with Iranian crude.

With Trump’s politics, we’re in a world of re-aligning alliances. China will not just swallow US tariffs. This is tit-for-tat petroleum diplomacy. The OPEC/non-OPEC cartel is the big beneficiary of all this oil diplomacy, as it will squeeze global spare oil capacity and likely push up crude prices.

China was the world’s largest net oil importer in 2014, followed by USA, Japan, India and South Korea. / AA Flash Point Oil News 2018.

USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Warship visiting the Philippines

The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) aircraft carrier traveled to the Philippines amid efforts by Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte to set aside differences with China in order to court future Chinese investment and trade.

China, which claims the entire South China Sea, views the US presence in the region as a provocation.

Washington insists China has disproportionately increased its deployment on several islands in the South China Sea, which are also partially claimed by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Tensions intensified last month when China landed bombers on a island, while it deployed missiles on another island in the disputed waters. The Pentagon said the deployment was part of China’s “intimidation”.

The USS Ronald Reagan has made a visit to the Philippines amid rising tensions in the South China Sea region.

The aircraft carrier docked in Manila on Tuesday after sailing through waters that have been subject of competing claims between China and several countries in the region.

Rear Admiral Marc Dalton, the commander of the nuclear-powered carrier, said that the presence was meant to reassure Washington’s allies that the USA would have an enduring presence in the region.

ABC Flash Point Pacific News 2018.

Saudi offensive in Yemen must be Stopped by International Community

The international community should start to better understand that the hostile Saudi invasion in Yemen has brought 8 million people to the brink of starvation.

While the Saudi war and its blockade have left 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid. It has created the world’s largest food emergency and led to a implanted cholera outbreak that is thought to have killed 2,290 people.

Iran has been trying “to relay the voice of the aggrieved people and the victims of the tragedy of the Saudi aggression” to the world and “looking for a mechanism to stop the aggression and provide for possible shipment of humanitarian aid” to Yemen.

Saudi Arabia and its allies (F-UK-US coalition) have been attacking Yemen since 2015. The invasion, which seeks to restore power to Yemen’s former Saudi-backed regime, has killed and injured more than 600,000 people, according to Yemen’s Health Ministry.

The recent Saudi coalition’s assault on Yemen’s most important Red Sea port Hodeidah proves the West and Saudi Arabia are pushing for a total genocide against the poorest, but strategically very sensitive (Saudi oil shipping lanes) Arab nation in the Middle East.

Hudaydah serves as a lifeline for the majority of Yemen’s population because it is where most of the international humanitarian aid arrives for distribution.

Saudi Arabia (Israel’s closest ally in the Middle East), has a blockade on Yemen, just like how Israel does this to the Palestinians surviving in the Gaza as the world’s largest Open Air Concentration Camp. / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Nicaragua another “Bloody Color Coup Victim” in the making

US imperialism has transformed its strategies for coups and interventions, as we have witnessed in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela and now in Nicaragua.

With the ex-CIA director now in charge of US foreign policy, the USA continues to consider Latin America its backyard. “Latin America does not need new imperial powers”, believing without a doubt that the US’ imperial power is more than enough.

Over the last decade, Washington and its local agents have perpetrated soft coup d’etats in Honduras, Brazil and Paraguay, and have attempted without success to break the constitutional order in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

To achieve this, they have used two different scripts. In countries where they possess high levels of influence within military institutions, the parliament and judicial powers, they have ousted the president (in presidential systems).

It utilizes manipulation and lies that are multiplied through social media. In its assault against Nicaragua, it has cynically and shamefully used pictures of corpses from other parts of the world like Palestine, Honduras or even Mexico in order to blame the Nicaraguan government.

In countries like Venezuela and now Nicaragua, where the empire clashes with respectable armed forces and state institutions with high levels of patriotism, they are forced to organize destabilizing and ultra-violent protests.

However, the Nicaraguan government, which has continually called on all sectors in Nicaragua to participate in a round table of dialogue, is advocating for mediation with opposition sectors and has accepted admitting the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to get involved.

Interesting enough is the fact that after reaching the last agreement which guaranteed the impartiality of the investigators, the opposition groups withdrew from the dialogue and called for a coup d’etat?

It is obvious that we are witnessing a new form of intervention sponsored by the Trump administration, a new “color revolution” aimed at justifying a new wave of sanctions against a government that does not dance to the tunes of Washington and whose destabilization and consequent chaos could justify a new “humanitarian intervention” geared towards overthrowing the Nicaraguan government

Nicaragua has earned with great sacrifice the right to not have the USA meddle in its affairs, to be a country free from imperialist mortgages, and to not have anyone intervene in its internal affairs.

Managua also possesses sufficient strength and dignity to resolve its foreign inflicted crisis within a democratic framework and the legitimacy to freely chose its own path towards peace.

ABC Flash Point Latin America News 2018.

US coalition supports 54 armed groups in Syria

Despite US President Donald Trump vowing “I want to get out” of Syria to “bring our troops back home”, a new report indicates the US military and a bunch of hostile allies including Israel, Britain, France, Jordan and “some Persian Gulf states” are still supporting about 54 different terrorist groups in Syria.

Russia and United Nations designate al-Nusra Front, also known as al-Qaeda in Syria, as a terrorist organization. But for some reason, the terror group’s fighters appear “to be deeply entrenched alongside these US-backed militias in key, strategic towns and villages scattered throughout” the southern part of Syria.

The American Conservative reported that the US media and think tanks are referring to all opposition fighters as ‘rebels’ or ‘moderates. However these terror brigades caused over more than 500.000 deaths and at least 10 million war refugees stowed away in tent camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

The Israeli supported terror group has operated under other different names, including Tahrir al-Sham, yet has not changed its pro-al-Qaeda orientation.

The Nusra Front is “openly fighting” with the so-called “Southern Front.” The Southern Front is “a group of 54 Syrian opposition militias funded and commanded by a US-led war room based in Amman, Jordan, called the Military Operations Center (MOC)”.

The MOC provides intelligence, financing, weapons, individual salaries and training to each and every one of the 54 militias. But the USA is not alone in its support for violent militias in Syria. The MOC was established in February 2014.

The US-aligned Free Syrian Army is reportedly in cahoots with the Nusra Front, whereby the the Nusra Front will operate alongside the FSA. “They offer their services and cooperate with us, they are better armed than we are, they have suicide bombers and know how to make car bombs,” an FSA fighter told The National in 2014.

At least one reason why the US media won’t report on the cooperation between US-backed forces and the Nusra Front is that the United Nations Security Council, to which the USA is a permanent representative, passed Resolution 2254 in 2015.

At a rally among Trump supporters in late March, the American president vowed that “we’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it.”

But instead the US Army and Air Force are now operating over military 20 bases across northern Syria, bordering Turkey.

ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Russia meets Spain, while Portugal draws Uruguay @ FIFA World Cup

Uruguay that managed to win three games in a row in Poule A has now drawn Portugal for the next round match on June 30, 2018 in Fisht Stadium, Sochi.

FIFA World Championship host Russia finished 2nd in Poule A and will play their second round knock out match against Spain in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow on July 1, 2018 @ 17.00 hrs local time.

Tomorrow France and Denmark will decide in their third match who will win Group C in Moscow. Their possible opponents are Croatia, Nigeria or Argentina.

Later in the week Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia in Group E will decide which two countries can reach the next knock out phase. Their future destinies are bound to Mexico, Germany or Sweden. 

The last four contenders for the next elimination round are Belgium and England from Group G, which will encounter either Japan, Senegal or Colombia on July 3, 2018 in St. Petersburg or Moscow.

FIFA World Championship / Shoco Sports News 2018.

Nederland is het Meest Vervuilde Land van Europa

Het kabinet in Den Haag zegt dat het zich op milieugebied niet meer dan andere Europese landen wil inspannen.

Uit een gepubliceerde analyse van natuur en milieu in 2012, blijkt dat de Nederlandse lucht-, water- en bodem kwaliteit de meest vervuilde zijn van Europa.

De belangerijkste boosdoeners zijn vee, auto’s en kolencentrales. Dat is slecht voor de Volksgezondheid en dus de Economie vertelde Tjerk Wagenaar, directeur Natuur & Milieu.

Alle Noord- en West-Europese landen, met uitzondering van Belgie doen het beter dan Nederland. Nederland staat op de laatste plaats in Europa (#27) voor bodemkwaliteit. De Nederlandse bodem is verontreinigd met stikstof en fosfaat, afkomstig van de grote veestapel. NL voldoet niet aan de EU-nitraat richtlijnen of voorwaarden en heeft daarom van Brussel een ‘uitzondering’ op de norm gekregen!

Nederland heeft ook het meest vervuilde oppervlaktewater van Europa (plaats #27). De kans dat NL van deze laatste plaats afkomt is zeer klein omdat het kabinet Rutte structurele bezuinigingen op het waterbudget heeft vastgesteld op 150 miljoen euro.

Met Belgie en Luxemburg heeft Nederland (Benelux) de hoogste gemiddelde uitstoot van stikstofdioxide per km2. De concentratie fijnstof ligt in NL 25% hoger dan het EU gemiddelde. Gezondheidsschade voor veel mensen en aantasting van de natuur zijn het gevolg.

De resultaten in dit rapport zijn volledig gebaseerd op gegevens van het CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) , PBL (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) en EEA (Europees Milieuagentschap).

Nederland haalt het Kyoto doel alleen door aankoop van buitenlandse emissierechten. Een zakelijke truc om lucratieve vervuiling rendabel te houden. Echt natuur vriendelijk zijn moet toch aan andere waarden getoetst worden.

Knak de Worst / Crickey Conservation Society.

China & EU coordinate efforts to better support World Trade Organization (WTO) system

During high-level economic meetings in Beijing on Monday, Chinese and EU authorities said their economies were in need of efforts to reinforce a rules-based international trading system amid US protectionism.

China and the European Union have vowed to coordinate their efforts to oppose protectionism in trade by strengthening the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The agreement between China and the EU to oppose the US trade policy comes despite major differences on China’s trade practices, which the Europeans view as detrimental to their industries. The EU shares concerns with Washington about China’s state subsidies to industry and forced technology transfer.

European Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen said after meeting Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, that the two sides would form a working group to modernize the organization.

The WTO “provides the basic infrastructure for rules-based trade and rules-based world order,” China and the EU share similar concerns about moves by the USA to impose tariffs on key imports, including on metals.

Trump has justified his tariffs on steel and aluminum, saying the increasing imports are basically caused by overproduction in China. The EU and China committed to defend the multilateral trading system that is centered on the WTO and based on rules.”

The agreement between China and the EU to oppose the US trade policy comes despite major differences on China’s trade practices, which the Europeans view as detrimental to their industries. The EU shares concerns with Washington about China’s state subsidies to industry and forced technology transfer. / ABC Flash Point Trade News 2018.

Syrian Arab Army does not need “US permission” to Deport Terrorists from Syria

After liberating the entirety of Damascus from an array of terrorist groups, including ISIS, the Syrian Arab Army and supporting liberation units, are set to launch the next major offensive in southern Syria, near the Arab Republic’s Golan border with Israel.

The Syrian Army has always acted in the interests of the Syrian people and doesn’t need permission from America or Trump to eliminate terrorists in any part of the country. The [military] operation in Deraa will begin soon, but Assad is now trying to avoid violence and agree surrender deals if possible.

Leaflets were dropped over towns and villages in northwest Deraa calling on US and Israeli-backed mercenaries to lay down their arms and surrender their positions to the Syrian Army, ahead of a large scale upcoming offensive.

The US’ military presence in Syria has regularly been condemned by the Syrian government as a violation of the state’s sovereignty, as US military personnel are operating in the Arab Republic without approval from Damascus or the UN.

Control of the Deraa Governorate is divided between government forces and opposition terrorists, with Al Qaeda controlling all border crossings with Israel in the province.

ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Orthodox Judaism represents the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship & Deceit

I have always had a passion for theology in general and the studies of religions in general. Several years ago I discovered, quite by chance, a book written by Michael A. Hoffman II entitled Judaism’s Strange Gods which I found most interesting and thought-provoking.

Reading that book, I felt that I wanted to find out much more and I ended up ordering and reading Michael A. Hoffman II’s magnum opus Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit which absolutely amazed me.

Needless to say, the book was also very controversial and elicited all sorts of negative reactions from various reviewers. But with over 1000 pages packed with information, sources and most interesting analyses, one can conclude that Judaism seems to preach hate and promotes racial destruction.

Modern “Judaism” should be called something like “Rabbinical Phariseism” since all modern Judaic denomination are descendants of the sect of the Pharisees; furthermore, this religion is dramatically different from the religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

His books are very well written, well researched, fully sourced and that I see no contradictions between what he wrote and the little I personally know about this topic.

A prime source of Jew hate is Talmudism itself, which oppressively tyrannizes and micromanages the lives of Judaics born through no fault of their own, into its psychic prison, while Israeli Zionism imprisons Judaics in a permanent war footing with the indigenous people of the Middle East.

To free Judaic persons from these two prisons is an act of compassion and charity. We should never forget that our work is pro-Judaic. It is the Talmudic and Kabbalistic rabbis and Zionists who are putting Judaic people on the road to ruin.

However, Orthodox Judaism, which is the scion of the religion of the ancient Pharisees, is above all, self-worship, and pride is the paramount destroyer. In the occult scheme of things, the ideology closest to it was Hitler’s National Socialism, in that it shares this predominant characteristic of pathological narcissism.

Christians and many other goyim (gentiles) have been deluded into imagining that Judaism, while being somewhat flawed due to rejecting Jesus, nonetheless manages to be an ethical religion reflective of the prophets of the Old Testament.

Orthodox Judaism, is a religion of lying and deceit. Duplicity and mendacity are formally inculcated. They are not incidental. There isn’t even a great deal of trust among Talmudists themselves.

Another defining theological aspect of Orthodox Judaism is its dogma that non-Jews are less than human. This is how the goyim are viewed in the Talmud and its sacred successor texts.

In certain branches of Kabbalistic Judaism, such as the politically powerful and prominent Chabad-Lubavitch sect, their founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, formally promulgated the doctrine that goyim are not just less than human, they are non-human trash — “supernal refuse” — which is a reference to their Kabbalistic status as kelipot who possess “no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”

Research has brought us to the conclusion ever since the recognition by Christ as the Messiah promised by the prophets of the Old Testament by one part of the first century Jews and the rejection of Him by the other part, the latter group began by developing an “anti-Christian scriptural toolkit” which included, of course, the forgery of the so-called Masoretic text, the development of the Talmud and the various commentaries, interpretations and codification of these texts.

At the same time, the first kabbalistic concepts were developed for the internal use inside the anti-Christian communities, leading to the conclusion that Rabbinical Phariseeism is at its core simply a religion of “anti-Christianity”?

Rabbinic Phariseeism is more than a religion opposed to Jesus for this reason: in its beginnings in the time before Christ, it had existence as a creed founded upon esoteric oral teachings that nullify the Bible itself.

Orthodox Judaism is an anti-Biblical religion. Yes, it has a “Moses” and a “Noah” as its patrons and it names other patriarchs too, but these are not the Moses and Noah of the Bible.

These are radically falsified figures who bear those names. Pharisac Judaism is contemptuous of the Biblical Noah about whom, in the Midrash, it makes scurrilous claims. There is even contempt for Moses. About Isaiah, who said that Israel has filthy lips, the Talmud teaches that Isaiah was justly killed by having his mouth sawed in half for “blaspheming Israel.”

The problem with that tack is that the Old Testament is absolutely not a book of self-worship of the Jews. It is radically different from the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible is an antidote to self-worship. The Old Testament excoriates Israelites in the strongest possible terms.

Near the end of Genesis 38, Judah admits his hypocrisy and repents. Here the book of Genesis is imparting a very Christ-like Old Testament lesson about sinners, repentance and humility— which the Pharisaic rabbis in their arrogance, reject.

In their Midrash on Genesis 38, they have the chutzpah to blame God for Judah having sex with a woman he believed to be a temple prostitute. They write, “Thus it is taught, ‘Judah would have never sinned with Tamar, but God sent the ‘angel of lust’ to tempt him to do so.”

Nothing in the Bible supports this exculpatory allegation which blames God and renders Judah innocent of sin, since he was supposedly only doing God’s will.

Zionism represents a secular emancipation from this self-enclosed and religion-centered world. The bridge between not only Talmudic Judaism and Zionism, but Bolshevism as well, is personified by Moses Hess, who Karl Marx termed, “My Communist rabbi.”

Hess was not a rabbi in a formal sense, but he was enamored of the Talmud, as well as Communist and Zionist ideology. Hess recognized that what unites all three, their common bond, is Judaic self-worship.

The founders of the Israeli state were secularists and Socialists who had little regard for the Talmud as a way of ordering the life of a modern nation. They viewed its code of conduct as a relic from a superstitious past. They were modern and “progressive.”

The pioneering Zionists had violated a fundamental tenet of Orthodox Judaism, which held that only the Messiah himself could initiate the founding of a reborn Israeli nation. Until the appearance of the Messiah, the Jews could not engage in armed struggle to achieve that end!

That was the view of the majority of Talmudic rabbis in 1948. In seven decades Orthodox Judaism has become a pillar of the Israeli state. The fanatical Israeli “settlers” are comprised of “religious Zionists.” The Talmud is their inspiration for using violence to steal what is left of Palestine in order to buildEretz Israel.”

Orthodox Judaism is a religion of situation ethics. What is non-negotiable is the supremacy of the Judaic people and whatever aids that supremacy. Nothing else counts.

If it turns out that Zionism is the best vehicle in our time for advancing Judaic supremacy, then most of the gedolei (rabbinic elite) of Orthodox Judaism will continue to cooperate with it.

Talmudism, Bolshevism and Zionism are the garments that Judaic megalomania dons and discards as it marches through the corridors of time.

The fact that USA fought the Iraq war for so-called “Israel” is slammed as a “virulent anti-Semitic fabrication.”

But we have only to read the Times of February 27, 2003 to learn that the Israelis virtually lusted for the U.S. to invade, while pushing a boatload of nonsense with which to persuade the collective American golem of the prudence of their messianic Neocon mission.

The Nazis rather mysteriously liquidated stalwart activists and publishers like the Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe, whose educational work had resulted in massive public revulsion toward Judaism and Freemasonry.

The Israeli state is replete with apikorsim and in fact was founded by them, as we have said. In “Israel” in 2018 it remains largely a matter of indifference whether one is an atheist-Judaic, a Buddhist-Judaic or a Karaite-Judaic. If you were born of a Judaic mother you have the right to take up residence under the 1950 “Law of Return.”

The relevant Babylonian Talmud tractate shows that this permission to molest young boys is granted. The Torah does not deem the intercourse of one who is less than nine years old to be like the intercourse of one who is at least nine years old, as for a male’s act of intercourse to have the legal status of full-fledged intercourse the minimum age is nine years.

If a child who is less than nine years old engages in homosexual intercourse passively, the one who engaged in intercourse with him is not liable” (BT Sanhedrin 54b).

This is plainly criminal and inhuman. Outside of Tantric Hinduism and the Church of Satan, we can think of no other religion which formally renders such abominable predation permissible.

This monotonous jargon does not impress. Reckless accusations founded on nothing more than a morally superior interlocutor’s ignorant presumption that any rigorously critical study of Orthodox Judaism is hateful, does not call forth a response, other than pity.

They number in their ranks Jared Kushner, Steven Spielberg, former Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), and tens of thousands of other movers-and-shakers in government, business and media.

The modern Orthodox operate Yeshiva University in New York, which includes the prestigious Cardozo School of Law, whose graduates often become elite government and corporate attorneys and staff powerful non-governmental agencies such as the ADL.

“Irrelevant nutcases”?

Michael Hoffman / The Saker Religious News 2018.