France Spearheads Establishment for New European Defense Alliance

On June 25, the defense chiefs from nine EU countries signed off on the creation of a new force called the European Intervention Initiative (EII), that will change the European security environment.

The group includes the UK, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Spain, and Portugal. Italy may join soon. The new organization will have a common budget and a doctrine establishing its guidelines for acting and joint planning for contingencies in which NATO may not get involved.

When the EU established Schengen to open up its internal borders, the arrogant profit minded business establishment in Brussels forgot to set up a common security force to protect its external borders.

The new force is to be much more efficient than anything else the EU has to offer, with a streamlined decision-making process that will permit a quick reaction time. Its relatively small number of members (9 out of 28) will give it more flexibility in comparison with the EU or NATO.

More importantly, its main mission is to offer a rapid response to crises that could threaten European internal security, such as the current migrant crisis. The operations are to be conducted independently from US control.

If the process gains traction, Norway, a NATO member that is outside the EU, plus Sweden and Finland, which are EU members outside of NATO, may consider joining the EII as well.

Will it undermine NATO, to a certain extent it will. At the same time, this gives NATO an opportunity to focus on the European theater of operations without being distracted by other hot spots, such as extended migrant issues. Any coin has two sides.

Afghanistan is an example of “NATO solidarity” but is also an example of how a crisis that takes place outside of the alliance’s primary area of responsibility has weakened NATO’s standing in Europe. 

Europeans have participated in the hostile operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, conflicts in which they have no interest, in order to please the USA. NATO forces Europeans to focus more on the so-called “Russian threat” that no one takes seriously, despite the fact that defending its own borders is a pressing issue.

The real threat to Europe comes from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The planned creation of migrant reception centers in Africa may require military involvement.

Europe can never be truly independent without the capability to mount a robust defense on its own. For instance, the EU needs a joint border force to prevent illegal immigration, which is plainly a real threat.

The interests of the new group and Russia are not in conflict. Far from it. If the Russian-backed Syrian government finally wins, the flood of refugees to Europe will significantly diminish. Some migrants may return home. Russia has an important role to play in Libya, another source of refugees.

If an international operation in Libya is approved by the UN Security Council, the EII and Russia may act together, unified by a common interest. NATO and the EU are being torn apart by internal conflicts while the EII is not. That group will be able to stand up to real threats, not imaginary ones.

Whatever is in store for the newborn alliance, this is very bad for NATO, as this news is coming just a couple of weeks before the summit that may break up the alliance and consign the much-vaunted concept of “Western unity” to its grave.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Europe News 2018.


Russian Air Force back in action in Syria after one year absence

Russia bombed rebel-held parts of southern Syria late Saturday for the first time since brokering a ceasefire there nearly a year ago, as allied government troops prepared a ground assault to liberate the territory bordering the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

Southern Syria is a strategic prize for local and global players involved in the country’s convoluted seven-year war.

After securing the capital Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appears keen to recapture the southern provinces of Daraa and Sweida, still mostly held by terrorists.

Previously, Syria has sent military reinforcements there for weeks, dropped flyers demanding the hostile Israeli-backed mercenaries to surrender, before it escalated bombardments on terrorist positions in recent days.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 25 Russian air-strikes hit the rebel zones in Daraa’s eastern countryside for the first time since the ceasefire was agreed in southern Syria last year.

The warplanes used, based on type, location, munitions and flight patterns, had come from the Russian-operated Hmeimim base in coastal Syria.

A big offensive risks an escalation that could draw the USA deeper into the proxy war. Southwest Syria is of strategic concern to Pentagon ally Israel, which this year has stepped up attacks against Syria.

About 12,000 people have been displaced from Daraa province in recent days, the UK Observatory said, with many seeking refuge in poorly equipped displacement camps farther west near the Jordanian-Israeli border.

The United Nations has warned that growing violence is putting the lives of 750,000 people in rebel parts of the south in danger. In an effort to avoid a deadly offensive, international powers are holding talks aimed at reaching a negotiated political settlement for Syria’s south.

The USA, Russia and Jordan, which brokered a southwestern ceasefire in 2017, should urgently extend that truce in preparation for a broader settlement.

The Syrian government has retaken large parts of Syria from the opposition since Russia intervened militarily on its side in 2015.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2018.

Rothschild Jesuits are the “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury”

The Rothschild’s control in addition to their own fortune the immense liquid resource of the Catholic Church, which is second only to the Rothschild clan in wealth and power.

But the Rothschild’s are have also been the guardians of the papal treasure.

If you are not an American you will understand why your country is on its present course, as it too is controlled by the Jesuit General through his select Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, the Knights of Columbus, and the Illuminati’s Masonic, Cabalistic, Labor Zionist, Sabbatian Frankist, Jewish House of Rothschild.

For the Order controlled the infamous House of Rothschild since no later than the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, after which Jesuit-led Crusade the Rothschild family was surnamed the “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.

The Treaty of Paris of 1763 designated King George III “Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.” And “according to the Encyclopedia Judaica [sic] the Rothschild’s bear the title “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.

The Vatican Treasury, of course, holds the imperial wealth of Rome. Imperial wealth grows in proportion to its victories in war.

Armour of Imperial Rome, Caesarean soldiers protect themselves in battle with shields painted red. It is easy to understand why the red shield was identified with the very life of the Church. Hence, the appropriateness of the name Rothschild, German for “red shield.

The appointment of Rothschild gave the black papacy absolute financial privacy and secrecy. Who would ever search a family of orthodox Jews for the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church? I believe this appointment explains why the House of Rothschild is famous for helping nations go to war.

“International finance and banking are NOT primarily ‘Jewish’. Many of the most powerful banking interests in the world are run by ‘Gentiles’. One of the most powerful forces in international banking is the Knights of Malta (SMOM), a Roman Catholic military order controlled by the Jesuit Superior General.

The Jews’, as a people, have been used for centuries as a ‘scapegoat’ by these international banksters and their secret societies, such as the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta.

To label ‘the Jews’ as running banking, Hollywood, etc, is to throw out the proverbial ‘red herring’ designed to throw us off the scent of the ‘real controllers’.”

The Jesuit General has been the most powerful man in the world since Pius VII restored the Order or “Company” in 1814. Because of the Order’s suppression by the Pope in 1773, the Jesuits began the Bavarian Illuminati with one of their soldiers, Adam Weishaupt. 

Born at Ingolstadt, Germany, in the heart of Roman Catholic Bavaria from which originated the Order’s Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), Adam Weishaupt, a White German Gentile, was educated by the Jesuits; in 1775 he became a notorious professor of the Vatican’s murderous Canon Law, including the evil, Counter-Reformation Council of Trent.

Since Pope Clement XIV’s Bull of Extinction was not enforced in Lutheran Germany, the Order flourished at its University of Ingolstadt, out of which Weishaupt established the Illuminati in 1776 and joined the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge in 1777.

The Illuminati later absorbed the Jewish House of Rothschild creating a colossus of wealth around the world, subject to the Jesuit General. With this financial arm in place the Jesuits then made war on the Vatican including the Pope, the Roman Catholic Monarchs of Europe and the Order of the Dominicans. 

This Inquisition and Crusade was called “the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars”. For twenty-five years, the Jesuit General’s Masonic agents, particularly in the person of Napoleon Bonaparte, conducted war. Bonaparte also punished the Knights of Malta, driving them from their island home to Russia.”

The Jesuits, now formally suppressed by the Pope, were allied with Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine II of Russia.

The Jesuit General was in control of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and now sought an alliance with the Masonic Baron of the House of Rothschild. To accomplish this he chose a Jesuit who was a German Gentile (not a Jew) by race and a Freemason by associationAdam Weishaupt.

The Rothschild’s were Jesuits who used their Jewish background as a faûze to cover their sinister activities. The Jesuits, working through Rothschild and [financier Nicholas] Biddle, sought to gain control of the banking system of the USA.

The Rothschild’s, Morgans, and Rockefeller’s all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world domination.

As we look back over the 20th century, we see how successful the Jesuits have been. They have continued to squander the wealth of America and continually attack its great constitution and civil liberties.

Seldom is mentioned, that the Rothschild’s along with other Western bankers and industrials financed the rise of Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets (Russia).

The ultra-right wing falsely describes the Rothschild’s as “Jewish bankers” when, in fact, the Rothschild’s are interwoven with the Catholic Church, and, jointly with the traditional mafia and the American CIA, interlocked with the Vatican Bank, which was pro-Nazi.”.

The Jews were bought into positions of power within Banking back in 1066 by the Norman Anglo-Saxon Monarchs. For this they accepted being controlled. Remember that the Law of Banking is known as International Maritime Admiralty Law.

This Maritime Law was based on VATICAN Canon Law. All the “War Banks” known as Central banks get controlled from SMOM controlled Switzerland. The Federal Reserve pays the Bank of England which finally ends up in the Swiss Bank of International Settlements.

The Rothschild’s are simply Court Jews for the Papacy and always will be unless they play up, then the Papacy will simply annihilate them by any means necessary.

The Rothschild’s have been under the Black Pope’s thumb since the 18th Century. Be careful of the many diversionists out there playing with your mind. The Jesuit ALWAYS control both sides.

Remember the whole banking system is fully controlled by the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA (SMOM) and has been for eons. Switzerland is their Banking HQ closely followed by New York and Dubai. Rothschild is subordinate to the JESUITS and the SMOM commanders period.

Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not owned and run by the UK; they are owned and run by the House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate within the City of London Corporation. The head signatory of the Crown Temple syndicate is Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).

The London Crown Temple syndicate, also have executive control of the Vatican and the Mafia though the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy.

Queen Elizabeth II fronts for the Rothschild’s. She is the largest landowner on Earth. She is Head of State of the United Kingdom and of thirty one other states and territories, and is the legal owner of 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the Earth’s land surface.

A conservative estimate of the value of the Crown Temple syndicate’s land holding, under the Queen’s signature, is £17.6 trillion.

Geopolitics / ABC Flash Point Power News 2018.