Russian Pacific Fleet Warships visit Japan

A Naval Pacific Fleet task force arrived in Japan where the Russian sailors will have a cultural program and sports competitions between the two countries’ servicemen.

The Russian task force of the Pacific Fleet’s warships consisting of large anti-submarine destroyer vessels Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and a mid-size sea tanker Pechenga arrived on a business visit to the Maizuru naval base of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The Pacific Fleet’s headquarters is located in Vladivostok, with numerous facilities within the Peter the Great Gulf in Primorsky Krai and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and Vilvuchinsk in Avacha Bay on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Kamchatka Krai.

The Pacific Fleet’s ships will wrap up their visit to Japan on July 10.

TASS / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.


Serbia Requests for Delivery S-300 Missile Systems in 2021

Russia has received an official request from Serbia for supplies of S-300PMU-2 missile systems, consisting of a regimental command post and two missile battalions in 2021.

At present, the relevant organizations of the Russian defense industry are examining the query enjoying the possible strategical outpost of weapon system in the hart of Europe.

Officials at the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, which supervises international cooperation in defense-related technologies, and executives at Almaz-Antei corporation refrained from comments on the information from the source.

Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic said in April 2017 his country would like to have two battalions and the command point of the Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-300 Favorit.

The S-300PMU-2 Favorit is an anti-aircraft missile system with a capability for destroying targets at distances of up to 300 km and altitudes of up to 27 km.

S-300’s complexes have been exported in the past to Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iran, and China. According to media reports, Azerbaijan paid about $300 million for two battalion complexes of S-300PMU-2 Favorit missiles.

TASS / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

Curacao Police State favors Dictatorship supported by Tax Evading Colonial Invasive Tourism

Curacao has long been the Pearl of the Caribbean, until the greedy Dutch colonial rulers decided to use the island to favor their capitalist geopolitical interests.

Inequality in estate is used as the front runner in this commercialized capitalist process. In other words the rich is getting richer, while the poor get poorer working for the rich.

Curacao has about 11 different heavily armed police forces that work to keep the international drugs trade in perspective. Apart from the regular local police force, the Dutch conspirators seated in The Hague established the RST and so-called Atrako Team.

To control the borders, the local customs officers are backed by the Dutch Army and Marines DEA, VKC apart from other naval forces such as the Coast Guard and Royal Navy warships. The entire defense is also backed by the US forward operations entity FOL.

This way the corrupted politicians and its fake democratic government can rule over the victimized populations living in Curacao. The successful entities on the island along the coast of Venezuela are the ones connected into those networks.

The opposition will simply be vaporized all together. The unsolved political murder on Helmin Wiels is a good example of this evil attitude presented by the Dutch colonial dictators.

Before all of this took shape, Curacao was a friendly island in the Caribbean, now poverty rules society, which is used to collaborate the upcoming final invasion.

The tax collector’s money is abused to build the infrastructure for the tax evading tourism industry. Education and other forms of the so-called development have been postponed by the senseless traitor style politicians in order to grant outsiders the chance to mingle in and annex the airport and harbor for the Dutch enterprises to trade with South America.

The Dutch Zionist Kingdom controls 20% of all the South American import- and exports operations, so the CAP aviation gateway (Swiss occupiers) and harbor/shipping (Dutch invaders) sectors are vital lifelines in this concept.

In the meanwhile the PAR/MAN cocalition government intentionally froze the minimum wages for the mostly ‘also’ tax evading enterprises to profit from.

The trade in human trafficking has proven to be very lucrative. While illegal immigrants dominating the local employment market, with exception for about 60% of the locals that are paid the minimum income.

By doubling up the real estate prices (money laundering scheme) the cost of living also skyrocketed and increased by at least 100% which is not indexed into the income equation. This resulted in economic deportation flows towards Europe, with KLM and TUI profiting from the degrading colonial invasion.

With on average 15.000 Dominicans, 20.000 Hatians, an estimated 15.000 Colombians and 10.000 Venezuelans living on the island of Curacao, the 60.000 Latin American department is well represented to support the cheap employment rings.

Add another 30.000 Chinese into the perspective, together with at least 20.000 Dutch colonial invaders that with their judges control the establishment, one finds out that the total population of 165.000 has almost been occupied by outside agents.

The last source of income for an autonomous Curacao is the ISLA oil refinery, which is run by PdVSA. But also here the Dutch institutions and politicians are pushing the useless government representatives to destroy the energy sector in order to totally isolate Curacao and turn it back into a colonial dictatorship.

The only solution to cure this fantastic hoax is to charge the extremely polluting tourism sector to pay garbage and/or carbon footprint tax, the same way democratic economies like in Brazil does to take care of business for everybody to profit from.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

Israeli Regime Cuts off Funds to Palestinians

When it comes to fundamental Palestinians rights, Netanyahu operates like an unmatched despot, cutting off all humanitarian support in order to continue the suppressive genocidal agenda.

“This is real piracy. They are stealing Palestinian funds. It’s not theirs to decide what to do with it in the first place. If the Palestinians were free, they wouldn’t need Israel to collect customs.

These funds were deducted from taxes Israel collects from all Palestinians living in the occupied territories including the West Bank. The evil measure was approved by an overwhelmingly hostile Zionist 87 – 15 majority.

Newly enacted Knesset legislation permits withholding millions of dollars of welfare payments made by the PA to families of Palestinian political prisoners and other families of Palestinians killed or wounded by the Israeli military.

Joint (Arab) List MK Jamal Zahalka called the new fascist bill “despicable,” adding the Knesset is “stealing from the Palestinian people. In heated debate, he called co-sponsor of the law Avi Dichter a “terrorist.” Ziofascist Islamophobe best describes him and most other Knesset members, militantly hostile to Palestinian rights.

Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeiheh blasted the new measure, saying it’s “a declaration of war on the Palestinian people and a severe blow to the Oslo Accords,” adding “all options are open for the Palestinian leadership, including the International Court of Justice and the UN Security Council.”

Israel ignores international law and Security Council resolutions hostile to its arrogant interests with impunity – because of full, uncompromising support by Washington, no matter how vile, cruel or lawless its practices.

Over $330 million will be withheld, Palestinian money, not Israel’s. Taking it illegally amounts to grand theft – unrelated to the stated purpose, entirely related to forcing oppressive hardships on the Palestinian people, this action one of many.

Israel’s grand theft measure, withholding vitally needed UNWRA funding, calls for withholding aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless it meets four unacceptable conditions:

  • Terminating financial aid to families of Palestinians unjustly called terrorists by Israel;
  • Revoking laws authorizing the aid;
  • Taking “credible steps” to end justifiable Palestinian resistance against a ruthless occupier falsely called terrorism; and
  • Only Investigating alleged Palestinian violence, publicly condemning it.

The legislation ignored Israeli high crimes of war against humanity, its daily state terror against millions of defenseless Palestinians, falsely blaming them for Israeli crimes committed against them.

Global Research California / ABC Flash Point Annexation News 2018.

OPCW Found No Evidence of Chlorine used in Attack in Douma, Syria

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has announced in a report that it detected no nerve agents or their degradation products in the environmental samples or plasma samples taken from alleged casualties in Syria.

The OPCW team carried out on-site visits to collect environmental samples and other evidence related to allegations of a chemical weapons attack by Syrian government forces.

The so-called gas attack in Douma, which was filmed by the White Helmets last April, led to a series of air strikes against Damascus, conducted by the USA and its allies after Western countries accused the Syrian government of being behind the incident.

Moscow subsequently found victims of the alleged attack, who claimed that they had been forced to participate in the “Hollywood-style” footage of the “attack” in exchange for food.

Chemical weapons in Syria were produced by militants and equipment was manufactured in Western Europe. The terrorist’ chemical lab in Syria’s Douma produced high-tech pentaerythritol tetranitrate (TEN) explosives and also had precursors of mustard agent and chlorine.

Cylinders from the scene of the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma were only sealed by OPCW representatives a month and a half after the incident took place, in violation of the OPCW standards.

The Syrian state news agency SANA reported that, citing its sources, US intelligence services are continuing to organize staged operations with chemical weapons against Syrians.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Chemical News 2018.