Greek Police start Violent Clashes against Peaceful Protesters Across Athens

Massive protests erupted in Greece on Wednesday after the Greek Parliament approved evil new austerity measures in exchange for a so-called third European bailout.

The vote came amid worker strikes, peaceful marches and violent clashes between  police and protesters across Athens. Protesters are now calling for Greece to leave the Eurozone.

Ahead of the vote on Wednesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed his concerns about the bailout, but urged Parliament to support it anyway.

This is probably the outcome of two weeks of a campaign of terror and blackmail on behalf of the Central European Bank and their European partners in crime, mainly, who have Greece on a chokehold, on a financial chokehold, and have tried to instill fear on most people in order to accept this austerity package.

Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras won the parliamentary vote by a vote of 229 to 64. But 32 members of his own Syriza party voted against the plan, including former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Greek politicians approved the harsh austerity measures just days after voters rejected similar reforms in a referendum. The measures include retirement age increases, tax hikes, public spending cuts, pension adjustments and collective bargaining restructuring in exchange for up to $94 billion.

Greece’s deputy finance minister, Nadia Valavani, resigned ahead of the vote. Valavani said she can not vote for this agreement, meaning that she cannot stay as a member in the government.

Tsipras admits that he does not agree with the measures and doesn’t believe they will help the Greek economy. But he also said that he was forced and must implement them.

According to Yanis Varoufakis, the austerity program of the new Greek government, is much worse than that of the right wing suggestions. And they are using the so-called, under parentheses, left-wing government in order to implement the program that they couldn’t do it with the right-wing and the center-wing government.

Eurozone finance ministers agree in principle to grant three-year bailout to Greece But the ECB needed our quick response? You have 10 seconds. Okay, game over.

In General the EU is falling apart, because the banks and capitalist enterprises created corruption for them to profit from @ the cost of the targeted taxpayers.

Democracy / ABC Flash Point News 2018.


Mass Graves of Latin Immigrants Discovered in Texas, USA

US authorities have discovered mass graves of immigrants in Texas, but the state says no evidence were found of wrongdoing. The bodies of immigrants were found miles inland from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The lifeless bodies are gathered from the desert surrounding a checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas, in Brooks County. An investigation into the gruesome discovery pointed out that many of the migrants died after crossing into the USA that were apparently waiting hours for Border Patrol to respond to their 911 emergency calls.

The mass graves are in a small rural county in South Texas called Brooks County, a very poor county. The migrants mostly come from Central America and Mexico, and they find themselves crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, trying to evade a checkpoint and walking about 40 miles in what amounts to 100-degree heat and 100% humidity.

Many of the individuals die. They don’t have identification on them. The process by which the county and officials in the area try to identify them is pretty meaningless. And these individuals are buried in a county cemetery, basically dumped into a hole in the ground.

For years, the previous sheriff would give the bodies to a funeral home, that charged  taxpayers over a thousand dollars per body, then buried them, anonymously, in a corner of this cemetery. The individuals were buried in biohazard trash bags.

Most of the people coming to this region here are asylum seekers. They’re fleeing horrible violence and economic depression in their own countries, mostly from Central America.

The Texas Observer reports this week the state has been denying birth certificates to children born to undocumented parents. Several cases of immigrant abuse have surfaced, both at the beginning of life and after death.

Furthermore, despite the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of citizenship to everyone born in the United States, Texas officials have reportedly refused to provide birth certificates to children whose mothers lack U.S. visas. A group of mothers has filed a lawsuit against the practice.

Meanwhile, about 250 children held in a detention center for immigrants and asylum seekers were given an adult overdose of a hepatitis A vaccine earlier this month. Crystal Williams of the American Immigration Lawyers Association told HuffPost Live what happened.

The migrant children were given a double dose of the hepatitis A vaccine, while many of them very likely already had a hepatitis A vaccine just a couple of days before ?

Incidentally, several of the children did develop problems from the vaccinations. Whether it was from the hep A or not, we don’t know, because there were four to six vaccination given to each child.

But there are a couple of children whose legs swelled so much that they were unable to walk. There was a child with severe vomiting and diarrhea. And the solution to this, as it was to everything, or is to almost everything in the facility, is drink more water. That’s the answer to everything: Drink more water ?

The Texas Rangers, who are the preeminent and elite group in the state of Texas who do investigations, were tasked with investigating why there were mass graves in Brooks County. They found no criminal wrongdoing.

The largest funeral services company in the USA, Service Corporation International, was actually responsible for burying the bodies. Investigators found individuals buried four inches below the surface in shallow graves.

We found people who were buried without containers. We found individuals who were buried without any identification information whatsoever, people buried in trash bags, in bio-hazard bags.

We even uncovered an individual who was buried in a milk crate. So, these are all violations of law that I just listed, and the Texas Rangers themselves—excuse me—found no criminal wrongdoing whatsoever in this case.

Democracy / ABC Flash Point Migrant News 2018.

Russian S-300 Missile Systems placed on Combat Duty in Iran

The commander of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, Brigadier General Farzad Esmail said that Russian-made S-300 Air Defense Missile Systems have assumed combat duty in Iran, but didn’t specify the area where the Russian air defense missile systems had been deployed.

S-300 missile systems

The S-300s have assumed combat duty and are operational. This is the first official statement on the deployment of S-300 missile systems in Iran.

The general also said that Iran’s homegrown long-range air defense missile system dubbed Bavar-373 was planned to be tested soon.

Russia signed a contract with Iran in 2007 on the delivery of S-300 air defense missiles systems to the Islamic Republic. However, the contract’s fulfillment was suspended in 2010.

In April 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted Russia’s ban on the delivery of S-300 air defense systems to Iran and in November that year the contract came into force.

The S-300 is an anti-aircraft missile system capable of destroying modern and cutting-edge aircraft, including planes using stealth technology, as well as medium-range ballistic missiles, tactical and cruise missiles, and also radar surveillance and guidance aircraft, reconnaissance and strike complexes.

The value of the contract with Iran for the supply of S-300 air defense systems almost reached $1 billion, the chief of the Rostec corporation, Sergey Chemezov, told the media.

The S-300 cost about one billion dollars. No more supplies of Russian weapons to Iran were due for now, he added.

Furthermore, Russia and the United Arab Emirates will get down to joint work on a future light 5th generation jet on the basis of MiG-29 as of 2018, according to Chemezov.

Earlier, Russian Industry and Trade Minister, Denis Manturov said that Russia and the UAE had concluded an agreement on industrial cooperation in military engineering, which enabled them to launch a fifth generation.

The head of the United Aircraft Corporation, Yuri Slyusar said the work on the plane was at the initial phase and Russia was in the process of drafting proposals. The UAC would participate in the project as the leader organization, and Sukhoi and MiG as co-contributors.

At the end of 2015 Chemezov announced that Russia and the United Arab Emirates were in talks over a potential Sukhoi-35 contract. Also, he said that Brazil and Indonesia had taken interest in the plane, too.

TASS / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Syrian Defense Systems Intercept Israeli Missiles aimed @ Damascus

Syrian air defenses systems have thwarted a missile attack on the T4 airbase in the country’s central province of Homs. The source of the downed missiles was from south of the Tanf region.

Syrian coalition air defenses are responding to an Israeli aggression and intercepting a number of missiles targeting the airport, striking one of the attacking planes and forcing the rest of the invaders to leave the Syrian airspace.

In June, two Israeli missiles hit a location near the Syrian International Airport in Damascus. The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the incident claiming that the missiles had targeted an Hezbollah arms depot located close to the airport.

The Tel Aviv regime has recently increased its air strikes in the Arab nation. The Syrian government has on multiple occasions slammed the Israel for its hostile aggression and warned about the “dangerous repercussions” of Israeli assaults on its territories continue.

Israel is widely believed to have been providing weapons to anti-Damascus armed forces as well as medical treatment to Takfiri terrorists wounded in Syria inside the occupied Golan Heights.

At the same time, Netanyahu is going on trips to Russia while attacking Syria like a lunatic. It might be you better for Israel to realize that Iran and others are not going anywhere and will stay in Syria until the Arab Republic has been flushed from terrorist infiltrators!

Simply because it’s their home now and the friendly liberation fighters have been invited in by President Assad to liberate the country from warmongers like the Israeli regime that attack not only Syria but all of Middle East and all of Humanity. / ABC Flash Point News 2018.