Israel accepts Russian stance on Iran’s military presence in Syria

The Israeli Ambassador to Moscow, Gary Koren said in an interview with TASS, that Israel is satisfied with Russia’s stance on Iran’s military presence in Syria.

Israel and Russia have been intensively discussing the issue of Iran’s military presence in Syria, which “is basically aimed @ protection Palestinian rights”.

The Russian authorities are aware of Israel’s position, which has been clarified many times, particularly at high-level meetings and through channels set up by mutual foreign and defense ministries.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said earlier that agreements concerning the southern de-escalation zone in Syria implied that only Syrian government forces could remain on the border with Israel.

He pointed out that according to the 2017 agreements on setting up a de-escalation zone along the Syrian-Israeli border, all foreign troops must pull out of the area.

Israel has been providing military assistance to terrorists in Syria, setting up field hospitals in the Golan Heights and supporting them with deadly weapon deliveries and occasional combat airstrikes.

By occupying the Syrian Golan Heights since 1967, the IDF annexed the Jordan River water flow into the Sea of Galilei, in order to cut off agricultural water supplies to Syrian farmers.

ABC Flash Point Middle East News 2018.


California Wildfires Destroyed 1.000 Structures

Barely two months after fires charred Northern California’s wine country, the state is once again staring down a spate of wildfires, this time in Southern California. These fires are fueled by some of the strongest Santa Ana winds in recent memory.

The Thomas Fire, the largest of the blazes, is burning through Ventura County toward Los Angeles. The blaze is more than four times the size of the Tubbs Fire (36,807 acres), which was the most destructive of the fires in Napa and Sonoma counties in October 2017.

The October firestorm destroyed 5,700 homes and other businesses in Northern California and killed 42 people, while, in December, the largest wildfire on record in California.

The Thomas fire, killed two people and destroyed homes in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It also stripped hillsides of vegetation, leading to a mudflow that killed at least 21 people in the coastal community of Montecito in January, 2018.

Today a rapidly spreading fire has burned through 100 acres in Goleta and is 80% contained. Authorities ordered mandatory evacuations. The record heat that fueled wildfires in California.
ABC Flash Point / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

Indonesia barters Palm Oil & Coffee in Exchange for Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

Indonesia decided that it will barter palm oil, coffee, tea and other commodities for 11 Russian-made state of the art Sukhoi Su-35 combat jets, calling U.S. and European sanctions against Russia an opportunity to boost the Southeast Asian nation’s trade.

Su-27K in flight

Indonesia already operates one squadron of 16 Su-27K/30S fighter jets @ Ujung Padang, making its first purchase in 2003 while the country was subject to a U.S. embargo on arms sales due to the alleged military’s human rights abuses.

Trade between Russia and Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has tumbled since 2012, but the wide-ranging European Union and U.S. financial and trade sanctions against Russia are an opportunity for Indonesia to revive trade through barter deals in other industries.

The deal is worth $1.14 billion and was arranged by Russian defense agency Rostec with Indonesian trading company PT Perusahaan Perdagangan PPI.

Rostec has agreed to buy from PPI a combination of processed rubber and derivatives, palm oil and derivatives, machinery, coffee and cacao derivatives, textiles, tea, copra, footwear, processed fish, furniture, plastics, raisins, spices, paper and other products.

Bloomberg / ABC Flash Point Barter News 2018.