Pakistan agrees to buy Warships from Turkey

Pakistan has agreed to purchase four Ada class corvettes from Turkey @ the cost of $250 million per ship.  Two of the ships will be assembled at Karachi Shipyard and two others in Istanbul.

The MILGEM project is the national Turkish corvette and frigate building program. Ada (Turkish for island) class corvettes weigh 2,300 tons, measure 99 meters long and have a maximum speed of 29 knots. They feature an Mk-144 guided missile launcher and SMART-S Mk2 3D air/surface search and Sting fire control radars.

The Pakistani Navy is also acquiring a Chinese Type 054A Jiangkai II frigate as the first ship to replace its six Type 21 frigates built in the 1970s and acquired from the United Kingdom almost 30 years ago.

Pakistan is acquiring new ships to expand and modernize its fleet and meet increasing domestic littoral defense needs. Under the LOI, Pakistan will also deliver Super Mushshak training planes to replace the T-41 and SF-260 aircraft currently used by Turkey.

The Defense / ABC Military Flash Point 2018.


Google & Facebook Determine what is “Fake News” and what is “Real News”

The rules that ensured media companies would not dominate individual geographic markets by buying up newspapers, radio stations and television properties in major cities, have changed.

Today, newspapers, radio stations and television properties are more concerned with basic survival. It’s almost as though the principles that seemed so important a few years ago – competition and free and open debate – have become irrelevant to government.

Few big media companies are even interested in the benefits of dominating individual markets. As the most important and vital forms of media are now on-line, Google and Facebook now determine the difference between fake- and real news.

Welcome to the new fascist “Internet Police”.

The two giant internet companies have become so dominant in media nationally and internationally that geographic dominance doesn’t seem so important anymore.

Google and Facebook, sharing an ultra-left world view, dominate both advertising revenues and control of the distribution of content in America and throughout the Western world.

Add Amazon to the mix and the deck is so stacked against independent media voices and freedom of speech that the First Amendment could soon become a meaningless, irrelevant relic.

Together, the three companies, are without question the most important media companies in the world – even though they aren’t known for creating content.

The world view of Google, Facebook and Amazon is not unlike the world view of San Francisco or Berkeley anymore, it sees “conservative” ideas simply as “hate speech.”

Now that lift off has become impossible at high seas, the new western fake news complex is keeping its people in a totalitarian nightmare. 

The irony is that this alleged Russian “fake news” plied through social media is eclipsed by the overarching and actual fake news told by supposedly prestigious news media like the New York Times, ABC, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC among others.

Now American citizens have a problem telling the difference between facts and opinion, so Zionist Censorship has won the day. The hour is late. The stakes are high. The window of opportunity is closing.

ABC Flash Point Media News 2018.

German Navy Frigate FGS Sachsen SM2 “Missile Launch Failure” off the Coast of Norway

A Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) reportedly failed to launch from the German air defense frigate FGS Sachsen, as the rocket booster burned out while the missile was still inside its canister.

The German Navy said that the crew’s quick reaction brought the situation under control. Footage of the explosion and subsequent fire has been posted on-line.

Luckily, there were no serious injuries to the sailors on board the vessel, but the ship itself has suffered significant damage, according to a task group commander.

The incident occurred in a Norwegian exercise range off the coast of Norway. Reasons for the incident remain unknown.

ABC Flash Point Naval News 2018.

Japan Tortured by Record Torrential Rainfalls, Flash Flooding and Landslides in Hiroshima Prefecture

In the wake of global warming and/or HAARP weather engineering, Japan has experienced yet another record breaking cloud burst that have devastated parts of Japan.

Over 50,000 rescue workers, police and military personnel have been mobilized to respond to the disaster, which has left entire villages submerged by flooding and left just the top of traffic lights visible above the rising waters.

The latest casualty figures from the downpours in western Japan were estimated @ 180 dead, 64 missing and 244,000 households without power and water supplies.

Among the 13 prefectures hit by flooding and landslides triggered by days of torrential rain, the death tolls were the highest in Hiroshima, Okayama and Ehime.

At least 42 people were still unaccounted-for in Hiroshima Prefecture, while the search continued for 18 in Okayama Prefecture.

An aerial view of flooded houses in Japan's Hiroshima prefecture (AFP Photo/STR)

The land ministry said it has received 483 reports of landslides in 29 prefectures, consisting of 358 cliff collapses, 109 flows of debris and 16 land slips.

The death toll is expected to rise significantly, with local media reporting dozens of people still unaccounted for in the disaster, after roads turned into deadly rivers.

The torrential downpours have caused flash flooding and landslides across central and western Japan, with some villages engulfed by rising waters, and trapped residents taking shelter on their rooftops as floods swirl below.

Over two million people have been told to evacuate, but the orders are not mandatory and many remained at home, becoming trapped by rapidly rising water or sudden landslides.

Over two million people have been told to evacuate, but the orders are not mandatory and many remained at home (AFP Photo/Martin BUREAU)

Roads were transformed into muddy flowing rivers, with dirt piled up on either side as flood water gushed around the wheels of stranded cars.

In western Okayama prefecture, rescue operations were underway to evacuate several hundred people including children and the elderly from a hospital, some by helicopter.

The Kyodo news agency said around 1,850 people in the area had been trapped on the roofs of buildings, and that the land ministry planned to mobilize 20 trucks to begin pumping water out of flooded areas and restore access.

The meteorological agency issued its highest level alert for two new regions on Sunday (AFP Photo/STR)

The floods have halted production at plants across the affected region, with reports of electricity, water and mobile phone network outages.

The disaster is the deadliest rain-related crisis in the country since 2014, when at least 74 people were killed in landslides caused by torrential downfalls in the Hiroshima region.

The Big Wobble / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.