Dutch Commandos to Surrender Military Mission in Mali

According to the Dutch Defense Ministry, the Netherlands will end its troop contribution to the United Nations mission in Mali in 2019, in order to send its occupation troops to Afghanistan instead.

Dutch and German commandos were deployed to assist the French military forces under the UN flag. The special forces were sent on the mission to chase down the left over Tuareg tribesmen, whom were well-connected with assassinated Colonel Gaddafi and had to be eliminated.

The West needs to get rid of the entire Gaddafi family in order to keep the confiscated $150 billion family fortune. The North African nation was the most emancipated Arab country in the world. Its citizens enjoyed free education, communications and utilities.

Now the country lays in ruins, thanks to intensive hostile UN bombardment that completely destroyed its modern infrastructure in 2010. Libya was best known for having the world sweetest crude deposits and was extremely developed before the Zionist invasion.

There are currently 250 Dutch soldiers at Camp Castor near the city of Gao in eastern Mali. The Dutch Audit Chamber said that the country “barely managed to get units ready to deploy to Mali” and that troops lacked material, had insufficient training and  defective equipment, which resulted in the deaths of two Dutch commandos.

Four Dutch soldiers have died in the mission, two in a 2015 Apache helicopter crash, and two in 2016 when a mortar shell exploded during an “exercise”.

The U.N.’s Minusma occupation force has around 12,000 military assassins and 1,900 military police personnel deployed from U.N. partner nations, and is considered the U.N.’s most dangerous African endorsement.

Mali is well known for its gold and uranium deposists, which Western capitalist corporations wish to control to make huge profits and develop nuclear weapons.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.


Canada will lead NATO mission in Iraq

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Brussels that Canada will lead a new NATO mission in Iraq. 

In a press release, Trudeau’s office said Canadian troops “will be deployed to Baghdad and the vicinity” starting in the autumn of 2018 and running for a year.

Canadian troops are already deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Impact, the Canadian Armed Forces’ contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve.

The CAF are providing assistance to part of the Iraqi security forces, and mobile teams are helping the NATO counter-improved explosive device capacity building effort for Iraqi forces.

As part of this mission, up to 250 Canadian Armed Forces members will join partner countries in ‘helping’ Iraq build a more Western-style oriented security structure to secure the large confiscated oil deposits, for capitalist corporations to profit from.

Trudeau’s government has sought to expand Canada’s global activity, including by deploying troops to the UN mission in the Sahel. A ‘defense’ policy released last year will increase Canada’s defense budget more than 70% by 2026.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

Luxembourg, Spain & Belgium are the Worst contributers to NATO

In 2014, Barack Obama and David Cameron asked European NATO members to spend more money on soldiers and weapons as the alliance faces up to an  “unpredictable world”.

At the same time, leaders of discussed the end of combat operations in Afghanistan, Russia’s response to the NATO-Ukraine crisis, and whether global challenges call for an increase in the level of military spending by NATO members.

NATO members contribute to the budget in accordance with an agreed cost-sharing formula based on relative Gross National Income (GNI).

Today Luxembourg (0.5%), Spain (0.9%) and Belgium (0.9%) which hosts the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, are the worst contributors to the obsolete alliance’s budget.

The USA is indeed the main contributor, around 22%. Then comes Germany (14.5%), France (11%) and UK (10.5%).

According to NATO guidelines, member countries should spend at least 2% of their GDP on so-called defense. Only four countries spent that much in 2013: Estonia, Greece, the USA and the UK.

The USA accounts for about 73% of the roughly $1 trillion in total military spending by NATO countries each year. This average was largely boosted by the Zionist American Gulf Wars and the poppy narcotics mission in Afghanistan.

There is a noticeable imbalance between USA spending and that of its allies. US and British Government officials have repeatedly complained about this.

But in the end NATO must be finally dismantled, just as the Warsaw Pact gave up its alliance in 1991, after the Berlin wall came down. For now, over the past 27 years NATO annexed nearly all former Warsaw Pact countries, except for Ukraine in Europe.

NATO’s nuclear weapons are stored in the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey.

ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.